Special Circumstances Submissions

We can provide supporting evidence for Special Circumstances submissions if you have attended counselling sessions.

If you have registered with us but not had an assessment or if you haven't registered with us before your Special Circumstances submission, we can't help to support the submission.   However, we can still support you with the underlying issues you are facing. 

If you have had an assessment, but have not started counselling, you can use our Assessment Outcome as evidence.   It is not our practice to give further information in addition to Assessment Outcomes before counselling has begun, nor to routinely provide copies of registration forms for evidence purposes.

If you have started counselling, we may be able to send you evidence of special circumstances, such as:

  • relevant details about your contact with us
  • the problems or issues you faced
  • the counsellor's professional opinion on how this impacted on you and your studies.

We will send the evidence to you in an encrypted/password protected document.  It is then your responsiblity to submit the information to the relevant member of staff who is dealing with the Special Circumstances Committee in your School. 

What are Special Circumstances? - advice on the EUSA website


It normally takes up to one working week for us to supply this evidence.  Some counsellors work semesters only.  If your counsellor is not available a senior counsellor will provide evidence for you.


Students are entitled to have copies of registration forms or assessment notes, but requests for these are deemed subject access requests under data protection regulations and will be processed accordingly.  This will take up to one month from the date of receipt to provide this information.

How your request will be dealt with - Make a subject access request


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