Feeling Good App

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health is working with the University of Edinburgh to provide free access to the Feeling Good App - an evidence based self-help programme.

All students can now access a mental skills training programme which teaches how to calm the mind and develop a positive mindset, enabling greater emotional resilience to deal more effectively with challenges of student life.

What is it?

The app contains a safe and effective programme, Positive Mental Training, that is widely used within the NHS in Edinburgh, for increasing wellbeing and recovery from stress, worry and low mood.

It is a mind body programme derived from sports psychology, which takes you through a set of 12 physical and mental exercises.  This allows you to switch to a helpful state of mind and let go of the negative emotional triggers, which underpin distress, whilst simultaneously increasing your concentration and focus.

The techniques build a resilient mind set, encapsulated by successful Olympic athletes who work on the foundation of positive motivations and memories to enable goal focused success.

  • immediately helps calm the body and mind
  • non-stigmatising sports background
  • aids recovery from mental distress as well as developing all round mental wellbeing
  • 12 years evidenced based development from within the NHS
  • promotes deeper sleep and concentration
  • different to mindfulness as it combines physical relaxation with positive outcome-focused visualisations
  • supports equality - based on universal, transcultural psychological needs, audio and available to all

Get the App

Get the app!  Downloading the app is free.

  1. visit your app store on your phone or tablet
  2. search on 'feeling good' and look for the logo (a heart shaped flower on a teal background)
  3. install the app free to your device.  It comes with free stuff
  4. unlock the rest of the tracks by putting the username and password below into the login boxes at the foot of the 'download' tab.  (NB this username and password are only for this app.)
  5. on an ipad/iphone you need to close the keypad (press done) before pressing 'submit'
  6. complete the questionnaire - all results are anonymous

NB your device needs to be set up to use the app store, this requires registering with google or apple.

My in-app login username = edinuni1.   My in-app password = positive

Start now

Find a place to make yourself comfortable and start by listening to track 1.  You will be asked to close your eyes and relax.  Make sure you're in a safe environment in case you fall asleep.  Each track is 20 mins.  If you can, listen at least once a day.  Listen to the same track for a few days before moving onto the next track.  There are 12 tracks in all but most people tell us their sleep and mood quickly become better.

For more information: listen to the welcome message on the home screen and/or watch the short video on the instructions tab.

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health