Guides, Booklets and E-Books

We recommend a series of self-help books that other students have found useful.

There is good evidence that reading relevant self-help books – called bibliotherapy - can help you with many emotional difficulties, by helping you to:

  • gain a new perspective, motivating you to reflect on your own behaviour
  • understand how to make behavioural changes, though practical exercises
  • be reassured that you are not the only person with this difficulty

Getting the Books

You can borrow any of the books on this list from the Main Library in George Square. Some are also available as e-books.

A counsellor or other member of staff in can also prescribe you a book title, and you can take this prescription to the library as with any other academic recommendation.

Book List


Breaking Free: Help for Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Carolyn Ainscough & Kay Toon (Sheldon Press)

Shelfmark: HQ7 2.G7 Air

ISBN 978-0-85969-810-8


Overcoming Childhood Trauma

Helen Kennerley (Constable & Robinson)

Shelfmark: RC569.5.C55 Ken

ISBN 978-1-84119-081-5



Overcoming Anger and Irritability

William Davies (Robinson)

Shelfmark: BF575.A5 Dav

ISBN 978-1-85487-595-2


Managing Anger

Gael Lindenfield (Harper Collins)

Shelfmark: BF575.A5 Lin

ISBN 978-0-00-710034-7


Anxiety and Stress

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Susan Jeffers (Vermillion)

Shelfmark: BF575.F2 Jef

ISBN: 978-0-09-190707-5


Overcoming Anxiety

Helen Kennerley (Constable & Robinson)

(Shelfmark: RC531 Ken)

ISBN 978-1-85487-422-1


Mind Over Mood

Greenberger and Padesky (Guildford Press)

Shelfmark: WM425.5.C6 Pad)

ISBN 978-0-89862-128-0


Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness

Gillian Butler (Constable & Robinson)

Shelfmark: RC552.S62 But

ISBN 978-1-85487-703-1



How To Go On Living When Someone you Love Dies

Therese A. Rando, PhD (Bantam)

Shelfmark: BF575.G7 Ran

ISBN 978-0-55335-269-6


A Special Scar: The experiences of people bereaved by suicide

Alison Wertheimer (Routledge)

Shelfmark: HV6548.G7 Wer

ISBN 978-0-41522-027-9




Andrea Perry (Worth Publishing)

Shelfmark: RC535 Per

ISBN 978-1-90326-909-1


Confidence Building

Helping Adolescents and Adults to Build Self-Esteem

Deborah Plummer (Jessica Kingsley)

Shelfmark: BF724.3.S36 Plu

ISBN 978-1-84310-185-7



Overcoming Depression

Paul Gilbert (Constable & Robinson)

Shelfmark: RC537 Gil

ISBN 978-1-84119-125-6


Dealing with depression

Dr Caroline Shreeve (Piatkus)

Shelfmark: RC537 Shr

ISBN 978-0-74992-496-6


I Had A Black Dog

Matthew Johnstone (Robinson) Shel

fmark: RC537 Joh

ISBN 978-1-84529-589-9


Depression - The Way out of Your Prison

Dorothy Rowe (Brunner Routledge)

Shelfmark: RC537 Row

ISBN 978-1-58391-286-7


Eating Disorders

Getting Better Bite by Bite

Ulrike Schmidt and Janet Treasure (Psychology Press)

Shelfmark: RC552.B84 Sch

ISBN 978-0-86377-322-8


Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa - A self help guide using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Freeman & Cooper (Constable & Robinson)

Shelfmark: RC552.A5 Fre

ISBN 978-1-85487-969-1


Bulimia Nervosa & Binge Eating

Peter Cooper (Constable & Robinson)

Shelfmark: RC552.B84 Coo

ISBN 978-1-85487-171-8


Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

Christine Ingram (HarperCollins)

Shelfmark: RC531 Ing

ISBN 978-0-00-710690-5



Never Good Enough - How to use Perfectionism to your advantage without letting it ruin your life.

Monica Ramirez Basco (Simon & Schuster)

Shelfmark: BF698.35.P47 Bas

ISBN 978-0-68486-293-4


When Perfect Isn't Good Enough

Martin Anthony and Richard Swinson (New Harbinger Pubs)

Shelfmark: BF698.35.P47 Ant

ISBN 978-1-57224-124-4


Postgraduate Studies

How to get a PhD, handbook for students and their supervisors

E Phillips and D Pugh (Open University)

Shelfmark: LB2386 Phi



Your PhD Companion

S Marshall and N. Green. (How to books)

Shelfmark: LB2371 Mar

ISBN 978-184528-145-8



Isn’t it about time: How to stop putting things off and get on with your life.

Andrea Perry (Worth Publishing)

Shelfmark: BF637.T5 Per

ISBN 978-1-90326-903-9


Beating the Comfort Trap

Windy Dryden and Jack Gordon (Sheldon Press)

Shelfmark: BF637.S4 Dry

ISBN 978-0-85969-660-9



Loving Yourself Loving Another

Julia Cole (Vermillion)

Shelfmark: BF697.5.S46 Col

ISBN: 978-0-091856-676-2


Relating Skills

Richard Nelson-Jones (Cassell)

Shelfmark: HM132 Nel

ISBN 978-0-30433-420-9


The Right To Speak - working with the voice

Patsy Rodenburg (Methuen)

Shelfmark: PN4162 Rod

ISBN 978-0-41366-130-2


Self Esteem and Assertiveness

Self Esteem- McKay and Fanning (New Harbinger Pubs)

Shelfmark: BM697.5.S46 Mack

ISBN: 978-1-57224-198-5


Change for the Better

Elizabeth Wilde McCormick (Sage)

Shelfmark: BF637.S4 Macc



Self Esteem

Gael Lindenfield (Harper Collins)

Shelfmark: BF697.5.S46 Lin

ISBN 978-0-72254-007-7


Assert Yourself

Gael Lindenfield (Harper Collins)

Shelfmark: BF575.A85 Lin

ISBN 978-0-007-12345-2


Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Melanie Fennell (Constable & Robinson)

Shelfmark: BF697.5.S46 Fen

ISBN 978-1854877253


Self Harm

Healing The Hurt Within

Jan Sutton (How To Books)

Shelfmark: RC569.5.S45 Sut

ISBN 978-1-84528-226-4



Loving Ourselves - The Gay and Lesbian Self Esteem Book

Kimeron Hardin (Alyson Books)

Shelfmark: HQ76.25 Har

ISBN 978-1-59350-045-0



Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Colin Espie (Constable & Robinson)

Shelfmark: RC548 Esp

ISBN 978-1-84529-070-2



The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook

M Davis, E Robbins Eshelman and M Mckay (New Harbinger Publications)

Shelfmark: RA785 Dav

ISBN 978-1-57224-549-5


Teach Yourself Managing Stress

T. Looker and O. Gregson(Hodder Arnold)

Shelfmark: RA785 Loo

ISBN 978-0-340-86007-6