Staff Members – Supporting Your Students

If you are worried about a distressed student, you can encourage them to self-refer to us. We can’t accept referrals that are only to get evidence of special circumstances.

Counselling Sessions

If you want to refer a student to the Student Counselling Service please encourage the student to complete our online form. Completing the online self-referral form is also the fastest way to access therapy sessions.

It is important that students complete the form and book their own appointments and decide for themselves whether this is the right time to seek help.

Self-Referral Form   You can find out more about the process for students on our process-what to expect page.

Same-Day Appointments

If a student is unsure whether therapy is the right next step for them, we have Same-Day Appointments (SDA) available, a one-off 20 minute helpful conversation with a member of the Student Counselling team, to explore the issue(s) causing difficulty or distress and look at the next best steps to take. Bookable on the day by the student (no referral form is needed) by phoning the service on 0131 650 4170 (Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm). SDAs do not replace an initial consultation, if a student wishes to access counselling sessions, students should still complete the self referral form and attend a consultation session.

Further Information

The Disability and Learning Support Service provide advice in supporting distressed students, including the University’s ‘Helping Distressed Students Guide’.

Helping Distressed Students

'Student Mental Health' training is provided jointly with the Disability and Learning Support Service is available to staff periodically through the year.

We cannot provide any information about a student who is registered with us. However, if you are worried, we are happy to chat about your concerns over the phone.

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Crisis Care

If someone know requires urgent help, there are several organisations who can help.

Crisis support

Special Circumstances

We can provide documentary evidence of special circumstances, where appropriate, for students who are already attending counselling.

However, we can’t help with special circumstances requests for students who weren’t previously registered with us.

Extensions and Special Circumstances Service - Guidance for Staff

Staff Counselling

If you are a staff member looking for counselling for yourself, please visit the Staff Counselling site.

Staff Counselling Service