On Campus Students

The Service is open to all matriculated students, including research, international and visiting students.

Counselling can help all kinds of people –  of all ages and from all cultures.

All students can approach us to arrange an initial assessment, including undergraduate, postgraduate, international students, and Visiting students. We offer email counselling to online learners and students taking part of their degree abroad.

Online Learners

Year Abroad Students

The counsellor may suggest self-help support and workshops/presentations to attend as well as the option of short term counselling to help you work through your difficulties.

Our Process – Step-By-Step Guide to Seeking Counselling

What Sort of Problems Can Be Helped Through Counselling?

Most personal, relationship or identity problems can be helped through support of the Student Counselling Service, including:

  • anxiety
  • stress and depression
  • family and/or relationship difficulties
  • identity issues
  • adjusting to a new culture
  • dealing with dilemmas or  making difficult decisions or choices
  • more specific problems, such as eating problems.

What is Counselling? – More about our service

Your counsellor will listen to your problems and sometimes this can help you cope better with some of the issues and try to discover what lies behind what is troubling you. 

Safe and confidential environment

Some people particularly struggle with finding the language to express how they feel. They are uncomfortable talking about what they perceive as failure, and find it hard to know where to turn to when it becomes impossible to ignore disturbing feelings, behaviours and physical symptoms.

Counselling is designed to be a safe environment where you can be as frank as you want to be about what you are facing. Working with a professional counsellor gives you the opportunity to talk, listen and express yourself without being judged.

We don’t share the details of your sessions – or even the fact you are in counselling - with anyone else.

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