What is SilverCloud

SilverCloud is a suite of online CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) programmes that are flexible, effective and easy to use. Programmes include:

  • Space from anxiety: learn skills to manage and overcome the symptoms of anxiety
  • Space from depression: knowledge and support for depression or low mood
  • Space from depression and anxiety: understand more about depression and anxiety, manage symptoms and begin to make changes to feel better.
  • Space from stress: learn to manage stress and bring balance into your life
  • Space for positive body image: information and support for issues with body image and self-esteem

There are 11 more programmes you can look at - topics include: 

Covid 19, Mindfulness, Sleep, Resilience, Chronic Pain,  Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety, OCD, Panic and Phobia and Alcohol.

You can access SilverCloud on your computer, tablet or cell phone.   The easy to follow programmes include videos, interactive tools, a journal and reflective exercises.  To learn more and access the programmes please click on this link SilverCloud signup


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