Expressive writing

Expressive writing is different to the style of writing you use for your academic assignments. It's more personal and emotional, more about your own thoughts, feelings and life, an opportunity to pause, reflect and get to know yourself better.

What the evidence says

  • boosts mood, increases wellbeing, and regulates emotions
  • promotes self awareness, self validation and self confidence
  • improves working memory, cognitive processing and focus
  • enhances coping skills, self help and personal development
  • reduces stress, organises thoughts, and makes sense of difficulties

Where's the evidence?

  • Baikie, K., & Wilhelm, K. (2005).  Emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing.  Advances in psychiatric treatment, 11(5), 338-346. doi:10.1192/apt.11.5.338
  • What is writing therapy?

How to get involved