What works: Animal assisted activities and Pet Therapy

Petting an animal has been shown to release the bonding hormone 'oxytocin' which plays a part in the resulting health benefits such as reducing anxiety and lowering blood perssure.

Throughout the academic year you can attend various events where you can spend time with dogs, alpacas or birds of prey.

What the evidence says:

Animal Assisted Activities and Pet Therapy ….

  • calms nerves
  • elevates mood
  • reduces anxiety
  • reduces feelings of homesickness and loneliness (particularly amongst the HE student populatoin)

Where's the evidence?

  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Universities and Colleges)
  • The Veterinary Clinics of North America.  Friedmann, Erika, and Heesook, Son.  "The Human companion Animal bond: How humans benefit."  The Veterinary Clinicals of North America: Small Animal Practice 39.2 (2009): 293-326 

How to get involved: